How to use a Mr Men Cup as a planter

How to use a Mr Men Cup as a planter

Looking for isolation ideas? You’re in the right place

With so many parents and children self-isolating at home due to the outbreak of Covid-19, more and more people are taking to social media to share and pick up ideas for at-home activities with the kids.

It doesn’t bear thinking about where we would be without access to social media during this period. For some, it has become our only contact with the outside world. It has been truly amazing to see so many people coming together from all over the world, sharing their coping mechanisms, supportive advice and fantastic ideas for keeping busy.

Here’s just one of these ideas…

How to use a Mr Men Cup as a planter

Lauren Crookes, a member of our On A Budget network took to our DIY On A Budget Official group to share a nifty idea to transform her son’s pointless McDonalds Happy Meal toy into an educational activity for her son.

For a while, McDonalds have been giving away Mr Men cups as part of the Happy Meal deal. Many parents have been confused over the point of these cups. They are useless to drink out of due to the shape of the top of the cup and the small holes in the bottom. It seems that it is not known what their actual purpose is….until now!

Our thrifty member posted this image to the group along with the caption: “So my son has 3 Mr Men cups, and I thought seeing as they’re pointless to drink out of, we could make them into little planters for my son’s bedroom.”

The idea has since gained 30.7k reactions and 3.8k comments from other members. Reactions included:

How other members have used the Mr Men Cup…

Other members have used the same cups for growing herbs and cress, giving the characters hair when it grows. You can even give the little guys a trim and make a healthy snack.

Here at On A Budget, we think that this is a brilliant idea, which teaches children not only how to plant a flower, but how to care for it and maintain its growth long-term.

Are you stuck at home?

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