Magical Mum Creates An Amazing Harry Potter Room For Her Two Sons

Magical Mum Creates An Amazing Harry Potter Room For Her Two Sons

An amazing mum from North Yorkshire went above and beyond for her two boys, creating a magical Harry Potter themed room any Harry Potter fan would be jealous of.

Gemma Coles took to our Facebook group, DIY On A Budget Official  to post her handy work, clocking up 1.7k reactions and well over 350 comments in less than an hour.

The members of DIY On A Budget Official quickly took to the comments section.

One lady said, “Well done chick that is awesome 👏😊 Charley and Zara have a clever mummy xx”

Another said. “Hats off to you with all them pages, I wouldn’t have had the patience, looks fab and I don’t like Harry potter 🤣🤣 ”

Gemma even covered the ceiling with pages from Harry Potter books she picked up on Ebay.

“Omg you did the ceiling too,I did one of my walls in book pages it takes ages 🙌kills your hands too”

We spoke to Gemma Coles the mum and creator of this wonderful room, to find out how it came about and what went into this wonderful room.

Items Used

  • Both designs of wallpaper, Wilko, £10 per roll
  • Harry Potter books from eBay
  • Skirting boards and window sill painted with a dark wood varnish
  • Two shelves made from old dram cupboards and varnished
  • Large flags from eBay
  • All other Harry Potter accessories from Primark

Gemma, 32, mum of two boys aged 8 and 3 said, “My son really wanted a Harry Potter room, even though he’s only watched one film”, and as you can see, that is what they got. The effort put in by this amazing mum is astounding, she said, “it took a few months, as my parents came down once a fortnight to wallpaper for me, so I did the painting and the book pages in between.”

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