Panelled walls on a budget – a growing trend!

Panelled walls on a budget – a growing trend!

Panelled walls are a brilliant way of making rooms really pop, and can also be used to cover damaged or uneven surfaces.

Faux panelling has become a firm favourite with our group members, as shown by the following amazing examples.

Stevie Raine said of the below images, “Another amazing transformation from my husband”

Thomas Howe explains how he created his own panelled look:

“We have always wanted to do panelling in our new house and, not being great at DIY, we were slightly nervous – but we are so chuffed with the final result!

“To get the measurements right, we did the width minus 10cm (for the far left panel), then divided by the number of columns, and finally subtracted 10cm for the right side panel.

“For our wall the measurements were as follows:
290cm minus 10cm = 280cm
280 divided by 5 columns = 56cm
56cm minus 10cm = 46cm

“So, that tells you the gap between each column and therefore how long your middle pieces need to be.

“The wood was an 18mm thick MDF board from B&Q. The guys at our local store were fab and cut all the strips of wood for us.

“We then stuck these to the wall with Gorilla wood glue, however we would probably use No More Nails if we did it again. Then, we used long thin tack nails to hold it in place (you can’t see them once it’s painted).”

Lynne Hawkins has a similar story, ” I’m very happy with my simple panel effect wall done on a budget!

“We marked out the design we wanted, then cut the beading to fit, mitring the ends for neat joins. We used wood grip to stick, then caulk to fill any gaps. The whole wall was then painted in two coats of matt emulsion.

Pine D shape beading from B and Q (9 lengths @ £2.40 each)
Evo Stik wood grip (£5.04)
Decorators Caulk (£1.12)
Dulux Denim Drift Matt emulsion (left over from another room)”

Kathleen Fenner-Harwood says, “My husband made me a panelled wall over the weekend, and I love it. We bought two 6 ml MDF boards, and had them cut into 60 ml strips at the wood merchants (this resulted in about 30 strips).

“Then, we worked out how big we wanted our boxes and stuck them on with liquid nails and 30 ml panel pins.”

Here’s some more fantastic examples of the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group members’ handiwork:

Georgia Johnstone also posted this clip on the group, showing how she managed to do her panels with very little experience and only a few hand tools:

Why not give it a go? We’d love to see your results on the group. Do you have unusual panelled walls to show us? And if you  don’t fancy doing a bit of woodwork, there’s always panel effect wallpaper to turn to!

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