For years it seemed that several crafts had decreased in popularity and started to disappear with each new generation. However, the members of our crafts group have dispelled that notion by posting plenty of projects which include crochet, knitting, decoupage, etching and much more

One such craft is macramé (not popular since the 70s, … until now) with numerous group members learning new techniques, using tips and advice from others, to successfully complete their own first attempts. Macramé is definitely back in fashion!

The art of macramé involves using a combination of reef and half-hitch knots and, originally a pastime of sailors to while away the hours during long sea voyages, is particularly in vogue once again as wall hangings

Here’s just a few, but many more examples can be seen on the group

Jo Jackson – “I’m definitely overdosing on macrame at the moment. Managed to do 3 layers this time. I used 1mm macrame cord I got from amazon. I started using sticks from the garden but I bought some willow sticks for our rabbit from pets at home and they’re perfect”

Hayley Howton – “Just finished this beauty for above my bed. Started macrame in January this year just following you tube tutorials. Now I just make my own thing up as I go. It’s a really relaxing and relatively cheap hobby”

Jasmine Kindy – “So chuffed with my first ever macrame wall hanging, I jumped straight in at the deep end and went for something very big,  can’t wait to see it take pride of place above our bed in the new house”

Claire Harper – “Made macrame feathers put onto driftwood. I didn’t use macrame cord, I just used string from home bargains in the stationary bit and I used a dog brush to fluff out the string.  I used felt glued on the back”

Jemma Dodwell – “This macramé malarkey is addictive. Wool-B&M-£2.99, Chalk spray paint-Poundland-£1, Stick-free. I just did a few knots and went with it. I don’t know many yet so the bottom happened by accident, trying out a new technique”

Sandra Ann Nicholls – “Just completed this…..loving learning this new Macrame craft. Just need a ring, this is a wire one. My hubby makes them for me, he’s also made me wooden ones…you can buy ready made rings but I try to keep the costs down…also on google I’ve seen some made out of cardboard….the cords I buy from Amazon, depending on the thickness various prices…this pink one was a set of five different colours ,4mm, for £27.99..but can do a number of macrame projects with that…the pattern I got from google”

Have a look on the group for some more amazing macramé

If you have any projects you would like to see on our blog please contact us via the On A Budget page

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