John and Faye Clifton, both members of our diy group, wanted something a little different for their baby’s room. A rainbow wall is perfect!

“I thought I would have a go at a ‘frog tape’ rainbow wall 🌈 for the nursery 👶🏼 and it turned out quite well I think! 🙂”

Starting with a grey and yellow spare room

John first white washed all the walls and glossed the skirting with paint he already had. As a result, he had a good base for colour on 3 of the walls, and the white ready for the lines on the rainbow wall

First blue paint was used for 3 of the walls, the 4th was going to be the rainbow wall

As a good contrast to the rainbow wall, and also an ideal ‘sky’ colour for the theme, this colour is perfect

The next step was measuring equally spaced parallel lines on the rainbow wall

Adding tape to the remaining wall also provides the white lines when removed

“Tape was Wilko’s, equivalent of Frog Tape at £1.50 a roll and I used 2 rolls. (I would recommend to buy the proper stuff, as it didn’t give the crispest edges)”

Now for the best part, adding the colours

“I used 9 Valspar tester pots from B&Q at £3 each”

We love the bright happy colours!

And as John said – “Just need a carpet now!”

Do you have a rainbow room to show us, we’d love to see it on our diy group


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There are also many other fantastic ideas for rainbow and brightly coloured rooms, and not just for kids!

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