Vertical Blinds Cleaning Hack.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning Hack.

Taslim Rassool has taken to our group cleaning On A Budget Official to share her vertical blinds cleaning hack.

Blinds look the part but can very quickly get grubby, they are well known dust collectors and hard to keep clean. One members has shared her amazing cleaning hack with our members over at cleaning on a budget official.

Taslim was prompted in sharing her hack after seeing lots of members asking for advise on the subject, “There’s always questions about cleaning vertical blinds. I thought I’d share what has worked for me”

Step By Step How To.

1, Unclip the slats and place them on top of each other to create a pile.

2, Role them up and place them in a wash bowl (you could use bucket)

3, Add 3 bottles of Astonish mould and mildew cleaner (99p)and about a litre of water.

4, You can add more bottles of cleaner so they are fully submerged but I just worked with what I had in the house.

5, Let it soak for about an hour and flip it over, if it’s fully submerged you wouldn’t need to.

6, Transfer it into sink and rinse off (still as a large roll)

7, Transfer back into wash bowl with water and fabric conditioner ( to get rid of bleach smell) soak for half hour, and give another quick rinse.

8, Hang back up while still wet, making sure to put the weight back in as that will help to make sure they dry perfectly straight.

Place some old towels or cleaning cloths to catch the drips on the window sill. Comes up spotlessly clean and dry in a few hours on a good day.

You can see the full post here

Many members have thanked Taslim for her amazing hack post.

Alexandria Ogilvie-Hodkinson commented to say she has tried this hack and it WORKS. Just check out her amazing before and after photo.

before and after photo Vertical Blinds Cleaning Hack

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