From Drab To Fab!

From Drab To Fab!

Find out how Pixie Louise Lavin transformed her kitchen for pennies, taking on some mammoth tasks herself, such as tiling for the first time.

DIY On A Budget Official is full to the brim with ideas, and many of them grab our attention, but today we’re featuring just one amazing member’s work…meet Pixie Louise Lavin!

Her post has been a hit in the group, and has been seen by 348,273 members, clocking up an impressive 8.8k reactions and 1.5k comments.

We contacted Pixie to find out how she came up with her project and how she got it done.

What were the biggest challenges, and what materials did you use?

“One of the biggest challenges was the tiling. I’d never done it before, so I just watched a few YouTube videos and had a go. The tiles were from Wickes, costing £11 for a box of 50 tiles (I used two boxes).

I then added MDF lengths to basic cupboard doors, which I primed with zinner paint. I used Frenchic paint in green, and purchased black handles off Amazon for £8 pounds for 12.

The wallpaper used is from Graham and Brown, as is the paint, which is called ‘Majestic’.

I don’t really have a set style, it’s probably quite unique, as it’s so eclectic. I think I just go for it when I get ideas in my head! I love it when people see my kitchen and say positive things, that’s what I thrive on. I love that I can achieve a cool look on a budget.”

To see more from Pixie Lavin follow her on Instagram @eclecticfoxhome – you won’t be disappointed!

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