Toni’s Top Tips: Carpet Cleaning!

Toni’s Top Tips: Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet cleaning is hard work, we bring you the top cleaning tips from our group, Cleaning On A Budget Official.

Most UK homes have at least one carpeted floor, and whilst they may be hoovered regularly, they can be hard to keep clean. Here are my top tips to a pristine carpet, every time.

Use A Squeegee!

After hoovering it’s time to get down on your hands and knees. We trust our hoovers to pick up the dirt, hair and pet hair from our carpets, and they often look clean and fresh after hoovering, but hair can still get trapped in the long fibres.

This is where the squeegee comes in. A squeegee will pick up any left behind hair after hoovering. Simply run the squeegee along the carpet and remove any hair the squeegee has picked up. Repeat this until you have covered the entire carpet. This technique is super popular with our On A Budget members, here are a few real world examples: –

Remove Stains with an Iron

Candle wax stains on a carpet no longer mean that it needs to be replaced. An iron can be used to help lift wax away in minutes. First, hoover the area to remove any hard, loose bits of wax. Then, cover the area with a tea towel, place the iron onto the tea towel, and allow the heat to transfer through to the carpet. An old rag will work just as well if you don’t have a tea towel you’re happy to use.

You can use an iron in a similar way to remove most stains.

First hoover the area to make sure it’s clear from any dirt.

Secondly, treat the stain with a mixture of water and vinegar, using a ratio of 3:1. Rub this mixture into the stain, and leave for at least five minutes. This give the mixture time to do its magic.

Finally place a towel over the affected area, and use the heated iron over the towel. This will transfer the stain to the towel.

Carpet Bleaching

Most carpets can be bleached without it causing damage to the carpet. Always check with the manufacture and spot test before trying this method.

First, mix a solution of hot water and 10% bleach (do not exceed this bleach content.)

Then, take a scrubbing brush and work the solution into the carpet, taking care not to oversoak the carpet. It’s as simple as that. This method doesn’t sound like much, but just look at these results!

Nail varnish stains

Most of us have knocked over a pot of nail varnish at some point, and unfortunately, these stains are normally noticeable due to the bright colours. The easiest way to remove these when cleaning your carpet is to use rubbing alcohol. Wait for the stain to dry and pick off as much as you can. Then, blot with rubbing alcohol. Do not rub as this will cause the stain to stread. Repeat this method until the stain has gone.

Shaving cream

Shaving cream will remove most normal dirt stains. Spray the shaving foam on to the stain, leave to work and then use an old sponge rub away. This method also helps to revitalize old carpets and will leave your carpet feeling fluffy and fresh again.

Carpet Freshener

We can’t deny it, carpets can get smelly.

Here is a tip to keep your carpets smelling fresh.

Add one capful of your favorite fabric softener to a bowl, then add a small squirt of a gel or liquid washing detergent. Add warm water to the mix. Take a white cloth and add the mix to the area you want to freshen, whether that is a carpet or a rug. Be careful not to over soak your cloth. Then, using a brush, brush over the area. Leave to dry, and you will have a beautiful smelling carpet or rug.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on carpet cleaning, if you have any of your own please tell us about them in the comments.

Toni x

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