10 Ways to Save Money on A Budget Wedding

10 Ways to Save Money on A Budget Wedding

On a budget is all about saving money, We look at 10 Ways to Save Money on A Budget Wedding. From flowers to your dress.

It finally happened – your significant other popped the question at last! Now, your knee-deep in bridal magazines and quotes for pricing. The quotes are high and it’s at this moment you decide you’d like a budget wedding. Where can you cut corners? Where should and shouldn’t you put your hard-earned money?

This is an exciting time – you’re planning your dream wedding and you’re bubbling inside. Butterflies are swarming as you imagine yourself swanning down the aisle in a gorgeous gown. You imagine your fiancé stood waiting for you and it’s hard to contain your excitement. It really is a magical moment – you’re dreaming up the gowns, suits, jewellery and a whole host of other little touches that will make your wedding special. How do you do that on for a budget wedding? How do you make sure you get enough wedding for your buck? It’s easy for weddings to get expensive – it’s not a million-pound industry for nothing!

The Costs

Once you being planning, you start to understand why weddings are so expensive. Dresses, suits, underwear, hair, makeup, venues, shoes and flowers, food, decorations, drinks for toasting… the list goes on and on, doesn’t it? Just a venue to hold your wedding could set you back thousands depending on what you want. So, how do you throw a budget wedding and feel like a million-dollar bride? Here are 10 great ways to save money on your wedding.


It really is that simple. In order to execute an amazing budget wedding, you’ll want to start with a list of your ‘must-have’ elements. Whether that’s flower girls and their dresses, big floral arrangements or even wedding favours, get yourself a list of all the things you really need on your day. This will make shopping around for great prices on products much easier. You may also find many items you don’t want or aren’t fussed on having. Cut them! If you don’t want them and don’t want to pay for it, don’t. Remember it’s your day.

Check the Sales

Now you have your list and you’re able to start shopping. Be sure to check discount websites and keep an eye on any sales that other stores may be having. Bridal stores in your area may also have sales on ‘last season’ dresses. Perfumes and aftershaves are another great item to find on offer, as there are so many stores and shops that sell them.


The Facebook marketplace can be an amazing place to find wedding decor and many other budget wedding items. Some may be used and some may not, but they will cost you so much less second hand. Be sure to check for any extra decor items, such as sweet containers for a sweet trolley, or stunning table decorations. Don’t be afraid to put in an offer if you feel the asking price is too high.

Shop Around for Your Dress

Did you know some charity shops have a whole bridal section? A quick google search may be able to point you in the direction of which local stores do. Shopping around for your dress could be your biggest money saver yet! Not forgetting the great online companies that sell amazing budget wedding dresses. You may be hesitant to use these online stores, but with next day delivery available and free returns, it’s worth a try. You might find your DREAM DRESS (https://tahneesblog.com/2020-01-our-lockdown-wedding-my-two-bridal-outfits)

Children’s Budget Wedding Outfits

Children’s wedding attire can be really costly, especially for something they’re going to wear for one day and probably ruin. Have you considered buying from a school clothes range? Many supermarkets have multipacks of shirts and trousers available for next to nothing. All you need to add is small details such as jackets, ties or waistcoats. It will save you so much money.

Budget Wedding Invites

Have you ever considered a digital invite? There are so many graphic design apps now that you can even make them on your phone. They come with great templates to use, or, if you fancy getting creative, you can start from scratch and create your own. You can even add personalised pictures and messages. It’s that easy and wouldn’t need to cost you a thing. You can even have them printed for those who can’t receive a digital copy.

Faux Flowers

Not only are faux flowers so much cheaper than real ones, but you can keep them forever. Real flowers are expensive, mostly due to the fact they need to be kept fresh. And, once they’re arranged, that is no easy task! Faux flowers have come a long way, and can now look as authentic as real flowers. It’s a great way to keep the cost of your budget wedding down, plus, they can be kept as a special forever memory.

DIY Budget Centrepiece

Are you, or someone you know, crafty? Perhaps you could give some DIY centrepieces a try for your budget wedding. Again, it will save you hundreds on real flowers or hiring someone to create a centrepiece for you. Check online for faux flowers. You should also check out DIY centrepieces on Pinterest for some amazing inspiration. 

Something Borrowed

Well, seeing as it’s a tradition, why not see if any friends or relatives have anything you may be able to borrow and use? Jewellery, space for an outdoor reception or even just some time to help you out. Most people won’t be as excited about your wedding as you are but plenty of people will want to help. Use this to your advantage and really drive down the cost of your budget wedding.

You Got a Friend in Me and a Budget Wedding on the Way

Get your buddies helping too! Got a friend who is a DJ? Can they give you a discount? Is someone you know able to do bridal hair and makeup? Ask what they would charge you. Even if you’re only saving a little bit here and there it will all add up. You’ll be surprised at how many friends you have that have skills you never knew. Use that to your advantage.

Budget weddings are not as hard to execute as you’d first think. It’s just about being savvy with what you purchase – keeping your list and purse strings tight. After all, not all of us have thousands to spend on a wedding. We need the money to go towards our marriage! Did you have a budget wedding? What are your tips? Perhaps you are the queen of budget and if you are, we want your comments and ideas below. For one more great budget saving idea why not add a DIY BAR to your wedding party? (http://www.onabudget.tv/blog/2020/06/15/bars-on-a-budget/)

Written by Tahnee Flack to find more amazing content from her check out her blog https://tahneesblog.com

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