One of the best budget trends on our diy group, wallpapered floors (yes wallpapered floors is a thing) originally met with disbelief but have since been growing in popularity

For those unable to find flooring they like, or to suit their budget, using wallpaper on the floor seems to be a great solution

Trace Hobbit Jefferson wallpapered her bathroom floor. She stuck it down with wallpaper paste and sealed it after with 5 coats of clear varnish. Group members were amazed at the result

Because she had used wallpaper on her cloakroom floor (4 months earlier), and it had proved to be waterproof and hard-wearing, Lisa Marley revamped her kitchen floor too. The wallpaper and 6 coats of varnish cost approximately £16

Luna Faeryn Farrow‘s gave her damaged wallpaper a quick fix “I saw that someone had wallpapered their floor on here the other day, so I thought why not have a go!”

Viv Lee stuck wallpaper on her kitchen floor and then sealed it with floor varnish. It attracted this comment from one group member “You wallpapered the floor??? I am beyond impressed! That’s genius!!! Bravo!!!!!!”

Sarah Kyte gave the same treatment to her living room, even with having two dogs!

Several members expressed concern about how long wallpaper flooring would last. We’ve seen various methods used on the group from sticking with wallpaper paste or pva glue, to sealing with floor/yacht varnish or resin

Overall those of whom have been brave enough to try this flooring solution have stated that they’ve had no problems with wear or cleaning

Liz Evans said “I put wallpaper down in small strips. I stuck the wallpaper down with PVA glue. Then I put five coats of quick drying varnish on top of the paper. It lasted a couple of years”

Scott McGarry: “I used a clear resin over the top of the wallpaper to stop chips and marks. It can also be sanded to fetch the finish back to a shine”

Penny Highfield commented “I wallpapered floors on my landings and kick boards on stairs in my old house. Then I put quick dry clear varnish on top of the wallpaper. It was still good a year later”

Here’s some more examples

Thinking of trying this? We’d love to see step by step photos, or videos!


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