For those with little ‘uns that love their LEGO, storage can be a problem. While we love to watch our kids enjoying themselves, small plastic bricks strewn about the house do nothing for our own comfort. We’ve seen several brilliant LEGO storage ideas on the diy group

Back in 2017 Kellie Riordan’s 10 year old had quite a collection, so a lot of storage was required for his bedroom

Kellie put this LEGO storage together using shelving and drawers from IKEA. All her son’s bits could be stored either as made up models, or colour coded in the drawers. And the worktop was a great space for creating masterpieces

Kellie was quick to point out though that she could only face dusting it all once a month. A feather duster would definitely come in handy!

With IKEA ‘LACK’ wall units and shelves…

… and ‘TROFAST’ drawer storage, Kellie made the most of the space available. We think it looks great against the brick effect wallpaper too

Gemma Louise Gowan also used the same sort of cabinet

Painted blue, wood discs applied on the side,

and wheels attached,

Gemma stuck LEGO plates on the top with double sided tape,

et voila!

Alicia May Holmes needed storage for the LEGO figures and came up with this ingenious idea

Using the ‘RIBBA’ frames from IKEA (seems to be the place to go!),

Alicia took out the glass. She then added wallpaper and glued in some LEGO bricks


There’s been far too many LEGO storage ideas on the group to show here, so pop over to have a look:

And you’ll find plenty of other Lego projects on the crafts group too

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