Perfectly Imperfect Frog Tape Mistake

Perfectly Imperfect Frog Tape Mistake

A devastated Mother from Dunfermline, posted to our DIY group after spending hours creating a Frog Tape effect on her wall that she said went terribly wrong.

I’m gutted!! Any suggestions on how to sort this?

Kat Cook, posted to the group: ‘Devastated, spend hours today doing this – removed the frog tape as soon as finished painting as I was told by woman at B&Q…. and this happens ☹ I’m gutted!! Any suggestions on how to sort this?’.

A Massive Response

What Kat wasn’t prepared for, was the huge response from the supportive members.

Within 5 hours of the post being published, it had reached over 700 thousand members, received 7.9 thousand reactions and 16 thousand comments.

Praising the ‘perfect mistake’, Many members claimed that this could be a new trend.

Could Kat’s opinion be changed?

Members swarmed to comment on the result, begging Kat ‘PLEASE KEEP IT’, others asking what the design is called.

One member commented that ‘It looks “shattered” good result’.

Another commented that it reminded her of the saved by the bell intro, with its bold retro patterns.

Some members posted advice on how to correct the effect that has been trending over recent months.

Pointing out where the DIY’er may have gone wrong, One member advised that the tape needs to be removed before the paint is dry. Other helpful members offered advice on how to correct the ‘mistake’. Such as using a ruler and pencil to make the edges straight, then touching up the paintwork.

The Imperfect Outcome

The DIY fan later returned to the post to edit ‘WOW! I’m blown away by the sheer volume of positive comments regarding this! I was gutted last night but seeing all these comments has completely changed my mind. I’m gonna leave it as it is. Again, thank you all so much’.

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After all, It is the imperfections that make things beautiful.

Could this be another new trend started through our  group?

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