To commemorate the armistice agreement which ended World War 1, poppies are widely used in Remembrance Day crafts

Not just to mark the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, but as a token thank you gesture to all the patriotic servicemen today and to the veterans who have served their countries in the past, Remembrance Day crafts have become popular worldwide

Members of our groups are no exception, so have certainly been creative with their Remembrance Day crafts when it comes to showing their respect

A variety of materials from plastic bottles to paper, fabric, wood, wool, glass and metal have been used and we’ve been amazed at some of the Remembrance Day crafts that we’ve seen so far!

As the London march past the Cenotaph, and also no doubt other commemorative activities, have been cancelled this year our members have gone all out to show that they’ve not forgotten

Window displays

So they reflected the light, Sarah Parker used copper foiled glass for her poppies
Beki Gouldings poppies are made from crepe paper
Since Donna Robertson used strip lights, her paper silhouettes stand out in her Remembrance windows

Door wreaths

Trish Graham Middleton’s heart-shaped poppy wreath
First, Rachel Anna Ellis had to make her poppies from plastic bottles
Becky Eley shows a great example of how knitting and crochet can also be used to make Remembrance wreaths

And much more….

Decorated glass jars with planes and poppies, and candles popped in, by Claire Harper
Lisa Hall made clay poppies and incorporated acorns on her star
This Remembrance picture was painted by Sammy Higgs

Gardeners have gone all out to mark this Remembrance Day too

Poppies added to Sharon Sargent’s solar light posts
A full Remembrance Day display by Penny Rixon
Use of a tree by Fyuna Horvath to hang a myriad of poppies

Several group members also included purple poppies in their Remembrance Day crafts. We mustn’t forget the animals who have served too

Wendy Eastlake Owen included purple poppies in her garden display
Purple poppies were added to Janista Chapman’s heart wreath

Kirsty Gardner came up with an amazing, but laborious, idea. This one is probably our favourite…

This year instead of laying a wreath on remembrance Sunday I will be laying a painted pebble on each grave in the naval cemetery on the isle of Portland. I need 400. I am no artist by any means and this is my first time in many years drawing. I don’t think I am doing too badly”

…we just had to include it on our page

Because we shouldn’t forget that some of our veterans need support all year round, buying a poppy or making a donation can make a huge difference to their lives

There’s far too many Remembrance Day crafts to show you here. We hope these fantastic examples have given you incentive for next year!

In conclusion, for more inspiration have a look on our groups. Similarly, we’d love to see your projects too

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