Cheesy potato, bacon and red onion bake.

Cheesy potato, bacon and red onion bake.

Cheesy potato, bacon and red onion bake.

Nice quick, cheap and filling meal to serve with baked beans or veg of your choice.


500g of sliced potato.


350g of cooking bacon.

2 red onions.

Chicken stock.

Serves two people.


Layers of sliced potato (approx 500g), grated cheese, cooked bacon (I used around 350g of cooking bacon) and chopped red onion.

Once I had done three layers I added 100mls of chicken stock.

Bake 180 covered in foil for around 1 1/2 hrs or if you par boil your potato slices it will be quicker to cook through.

Take off the foil for the last 15mins 🤗

I cooked the bacon pieces with a little sprinkle of smoked paprika and used the fat to grease the baking dish. But you could also grease with butter and add a few knobs of butter on each layer if you wanted to. I also seasoned with black pepper on each layer.

See Donna Sanders photo how to guide for her Cheesy potato bacon and red onion bake.

Credit Donna Sanders.

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