Dinosaur Frog Tape Design.

Dinosaur Frog Tape Design.

My Dinosaur Frog Tape Design, Written by Amy Montgomery.

Exactly that, how does one come up with such a idea to add a friendly dinosaur design to two little lads bedtime den?

Lets Meet Amy.

Well I’m going to explain how things started out for me.
1st things 1st let me introduce myself.
My name is Amy Jane Montgomery, I am 29 years old and in 2018 I was determined to get myself out to South Africa to help build houses for orphan children, with the Coco’s foundation.

I was working a full time job as it was, with very little money to save to get my funds together for the trip that I was definitely going on.
There I sat with little time, I decided I would start painting and decorating with one of my friends for extra money to get me on the trip that I longed to do.

Her Progress.

Evenings, weekends were taking up by my mission to get my funds together.
Months later I found myself at the airport waiting for my plane to board. Busy Heathrow airport but i had got myself there through nothing but hard work and determination. Inside I was the most anxious little minion but I knew I was there to do good things for the not so fortunate. I was there to make a change.

The trip for me was one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on and without going into too much detail I found myself after 3 hard working weeks building houses that I needed to get back there, but me being me I needed to get back there for the trip at the end of the year.
Out came my paint brushes again for the second time, but painting for me wasn’t just remaking someone’s home it was a beautiful way of getting lost in the music my speakers played and a chance for my artistic streak to come out at full potential on a empty canvas.

After my second trip I soon got back into the busy working life I held and painting and decorating for me fizzled out.
In March 2020 the world for me and along with many others changed dramatically. A COMPLETE lockdown for our country. I was furloughed and being the kind of person that’s always on the go to not being able to do anything , no work, no football, no gyms, no seeing family and friends. It was tough and I struggled massively. I mean I had started to learn guitar virtually and I’d do a long cycle or a run daily but that still wasn’t enough for me. Reflecting a lot, I decided I needed to pull out the simple things I loved doing.

What made me get lost in a world that I loved?

It didn’t come straight to me at first, I found myself clearing out one of those household cupboards that has all the bits and things in that get completely forgotten about. Only to find myself picking up my old paint pots and brushes.
With lockdown starting to ease but me still being furloughed one of my friends had mentioned redecorating her little boys bedroom.
This was such a game changer for me. My mind began to go crazy with ideas.
I knew my work had to incorporate a Dinosaur Frog Tape Design🦕 that was a no brainer.
The colours were also my pick, I chose fresh colours , happy but calming colours is my best way to describe them.

Within days I began to get started on one of my greatest projects.
Why was this one of the greatest?
Because it was my chance to let my creativity go wild for the first time in a long time.

How To Create this Dinosaurus design.

Prep day- I washed down all walls using only just warm water and a little squirt of fairy liquid.

Day 1-
I started with a complete coverage of brilliant white on the whole bedroom, giving the room a complete freshen up.
Whilst drying time was in full swing I began to do more and more research for the perfect shape dinosaur, my inspiration came from the film the good dinosaur I knew the boys loved this film all too much.

Day 2-
Dinosaur shape set in stone in my head. Out came the frog-tape. Don’t get me wrong there was stressful bits, I mean I ran out of frog-tape after doing the first outline. However it’s like that saying goes when your given puddles , go splash in them.
I was so excited to get the paint on after a long day of cutting tape bit by bit, but I knew I had to be patient. The night was getting dark and I was getting tired. Wait till morning the voice in the back of my head whispered.

Day 3-
Its colour time. I went for different shaped triangles in my dinosaur outline.
I started with the lightest colours out of my 4 chosen.
And before I knew it I had a colourful geometric/mosaic looking dinosaur.
Pulling the tape off is always one of the most satisfying things to do when doing something like this. Every tape strip pulled back at that 90 degree angle reveals such perfectly crisp lines.
Dino was really starting to show his characteristic.

Dinosaurus fun complete and the reveal to the two little lads that had no idea what I’d been doing was one of the most happiest moments ever. There small little faces held the biggest smiles and hearing both boys saying wow as they walked in made this work completely complete.

It was then in that moment that made me realise this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to get lost in more creativity, I wanted to continue getting lost in my music but most of all I wanted to make peoples comfort zones the most content and calming places to suit there own personalities.

So this time I put pen to paper, thumbs to phone and set myself up a Instagram page which is @little_hands_paint.

@little hands paint has a long way to go but with hardwork and determination little hands will soon be doing bigger jobs.

Feel free to follow @little_hands_paint and fire across any questions you have. I am more than happy to give advice, tips or recommendations on any of your projects.

“the true sign of intelligence is imagination”

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