Bargain feature mirrors

Bargain feature mirrors

DIY On A Budget Official members are raving about these £5.99 bargain mirrors

Members of our DIY On A Budget facebook group are raving about bargain mirrors available from The Range.

Buying multiple packs of the bargain mirrors and arranging them to make one big beautiful feature. The idea has become a huge hit on the group, here are some examples….

One member used 6 packs of the mirrors creating this breathtaking feature above the bed, costing just £35.94 in total. Posting to the group she wrote:

The eye catching idea has since gained over 28,000 likes and over 382 comments. One person commented that the idea was so good that the mirrors would be ‘sold out forever’.

Other bargain mirror designs are available

Another member posted a photo of a feature mirror created above a dining table using the same idea.

The post was a huge hit on the group receiving 4000 likes and 444 comments.

Another popular design of the bargain mirrors arranged over a bed was this one…

With large feature mirrors costing well into their £100’s, even multiple packs of these at £5.99 each is a massive saving. No wonder members are so pleased with their purchases.

The DIY On A Budget Official community are continually coming up with inspiring ideas for the home. We certainly think that this will be a trend that will take off.

Here is another top tip from On A Budget, on how to use mirrors in the home How to use mirror tiles in the home,

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