This paper cutting step by step tutorial was written by Zhela Cole

The free paper cutting template Zhela has included was designed specifically for our On A Budget network:

Diy on a budget magazine template 1a-flipped

Now that you have your free paper cutting template, its time to start swirling your scalpel or craft knife. Over to Zhela…

“It seemed fitting that the template had a DIY theme, seeing as that’s the reason we are all here!
I’m definetly a DIY Diva and I couldn’t leave out you DIY Dudes, could I?”

Step 1

To get started on your paper cutting:

  1. A glass cutting mat
  2. Your choice of scalpel and blades, (you can find a huge selection online or in your local Range, B&M, Wilkos etc)
  3. Your printed template
  4. A pot to put all the confetti pieces in you will make when cutting your design
  5. A cuppa, plate of biscuits and chocolate are optional – but for me are a must have!
What you need

Step 2

Your template will have printed in reverse, with the template facing the wrong way

Cut the paper in half to give you the two separate designs. Pick the design you prefer to cut first, either ‘diva’ or ‘dude’

You will be cutting from the back of the design into the paper

For this paper cutting step by step, we will be cutting away the grey areas. The white is your final design

The printed template

Step 3

Begin by cutting away the grey areas that are the smallest first

Gradually progress to the larger grey areas

You may find turning the paper as you cut helps you to make smoother lines

As you cut away each section, remove the waste pieces carefully to keep your cutting area free of scraps

Take your time and start with small cuts. As your confidence grows you will find you can attempt larger cuts with more speed

Start small

Step 4

When the smallest areas are all cut, move onto the larger grey pieces

Cut in sections you feel comfortable with, bits at a time

Getting there

Step 6

Once all your grey areas inside are cut away, you can tidy up any lines or corners if necessary

You are now ready to cut the outside of the template

Step 7

Now to cut round the tools and the straight lines around the outside edge of your design

You can use a metal ruler as a guide when cutting the straight lines if you prefer, but I think a few wobbly lines and imperfections make the paper cutting unique to you

Gently ease your template free from the surrounding paper


Step 8

Turn your paper cutting over to face you

Ta da!

You did it!

You now have your very own paper cutting – feel proud of yourself

Ready to use

Step 9

Your paper cutting is now ready to frame, put in a scrapbook, decoupage or use for whatever you like

And you’re now ready to make your own designs and templates…have fun!

Thank you Zhela Cole for this fantastic, and easy to follow, tutorial

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