Prehistoric Christmas Tree

Prehistoric Christmas Tree

How to create a perfectly decorated prehistoric Christmas tree.

For a tree with a difference why not try this effective prehistoric Christmas tree which can be made for next to nothing, using toys from the back of the toy box.

Christmas is fast approaching and many of our facebook members have been busy posting photos of their Christmas creations to our groups. Trula Talland posted how she created a beautifully decorated Christmas tree using her child’s old dinosaur toys. Creating a simple but effective theme that her children love.

Many of us have old toys knocking around the house that our children no longer entertain. Why not gather them together to make some decorations with a difference?

To make the prehistoric Christmas tree Trula used:

  • A tub of small dinosaur toys. The dinosaur toys are cheaply available in many stores or found lingering in the back of toy boxes.
  • Picture Hooks
  • Christmas ribbon or string
  • Spray Paint


Firstly you need to push the picture hook firmly into the back of the dinosaur. Be mindful when positioning the hook as this will determine the way it hangs when on the tree.

Spray each dinosaur evenly with the spray paint. Trula used gold for her tree but you can mix this up to match any theme that you have in your house.

The popular dinosaur tubs also include tiny trees that Trula sprayed and included on the tree adding to the effect.

Lastly, add the ribbon to the hooks and decorate the tree.


If your children aren’t dinosaur fans, why not dig out old ponies, peppa pig or avengers figures, the possibilities are endless.

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