Kirstie Dallas transformed wasted space under her stairs to create a bright and colourful sensory den for her daughter

Registered blind, and with a life limiting neurological disorder, Kirstie’s daughter loves listening to music and relaxing in this awesome sensory den space

Although Kirstie’s daughter is registered blind she can still partially see. Her brain doesn’t, however, easily process what she sees. The flourescent colours and lights help her to track and trace, This also provides stimulation to strengthen her eyes

The sensory den is an amazing project which will develop the senses through music, lighting, colour and shapes

Kirstie’s 4 year old daughter, Esme, has various health issues to address including epilepsy and seizures. Fortunately these are not triggered by the lights. However, anyone considering doing the same should check with their neurological team as not all conditions are the same

The empty space under the stairs started life as a sensory den with doodles and tape on the walls

Comfortable mats placed on the floor, as well as mirrors and led lights

Kirstie added led-uv beads, and sensory mood light tubes, cubes and pyramids. A perfect way to add a variety of shapes, colours and movement

Textured and bright toys also stimulate touch

We’re sure you’ll agree that Kirstie’s sensory den, lovingly made for her daughter, is awesome and would be a delight for any child. In fact, we think most of us adults would like one of our own too!

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