Iva Harrison amazed our diy group community on posting her corner sofa bed

“I wanted a sofa with storage because we have very little storage in our house. Also we need somewhere for people to sleep when they stay over”

Watching loads of YouTube videos, using foam and fabric from Ebay and timber from a local merchant, Iva got to work

The sofa is made of 18mm plywood 1” x 2”, 1” x 3”, and 1” x 6” pine board using screws and glue

Iva covered the sofa back with foam and a staple/nail gun, and then set about completing the base and storage

The top of the seats are covered with thick memory foam to prevent sagging

Now for the fabric!

Diamond ‘tufting’ was created with covered buttons before the backing was added

And the base was given the same careful attention to detail

Next the corner sofa bed was assembled. The seats were added with hinges to provide the much needed storage

However, Iva will be changing the hinges to a bed lifting mechanism at a later date to make things easier

With a nice deep 76cm seat which is 190cm and 180cm in length, the corner sofa bed is certainly big enough to accomodate guests

Feet and studs are added, and Iva says she just has to make some more cushions

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s an outstanding job!  Costing approx £750, including the tools, Iva must feel very proud of her bespoke sofa.

For more of Iva’s photos and project details, check out our diy group

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