Britain’s Best Woodworker Is One Of Our Own

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On A Budget's very own Joe will appear tonight on C4's 'Handmade - Britain's Best Woodworker'. The show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc, has been billed as 'Carpentry's answer to the Great British Bake Off' and is set to be a hit.

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What is the show about?

Britain’s Best Woodworker airs tonight on C4 at 20:00hrs.  You will see some of Britain’s top woodworkers (including our personal favourite) create a collection of wooden wonders, whilst battling it out to win the title.

Each week contestants have to complete a Big Build and a Skills Test in order to secure immunity from being sent home.

We asked Joe what he made of the whole experience, and for a bit of sneaky inside information…

The Judges
Joe, How were you selected for Britain’s Best Woodworker?

The application process was a challenge in itself. I was contacted by a producer for the show who saw my YouTube channel, they asked if I’d be interested in this new woodworking tv show.

First, there were a couple of interviews and once I made it through those, I had to do a practical challenge of building a birdhouse. This was live on a zoom call with producers. Thankfully, they must have liked what I made as I made it through to next stage.

Next, we had to design a large project and talk through how we would go about building it. I think this stage was to check we could actually make the things we talked about. All the contestants are amateurs so the producers had to make sure we weren’t just blagging.

Joe on Britain's Best Woodworker
What was it like being filmed for TV and were you nervous to meet the Judges?

The show itself was filmed back in September of 2020, during lockdown. Everyone involved in the show had to quarantine on site for 7 days, with regular tests to ensure we were all safe. We were our own bubble on Glanusk Estate. Our accommodation was converted shipping containers and we were like one big family. It was a fantastic experience.

With Mel and the Judges being on site too, it helped to settle all of our nerves. Having your work judged is always nerve wracking, Alex and Helen were amazing to work with and we knew any criticism was definitely constructive. The judges were amazing and Mel is amazing too, she is just like you see on screen. Really down to earth and funny, she was genuinely fascinated by what we were all making. Of course, plenty of innuendos were flying around.

Accommodation on Britain's Best Woodworker
Any inside info that we wont see on TV?

Something that probably won’t make the show will give you all a laugh. During the walking in shots, I was first to be filmed. I did about 10 takes of walking (It’s harder than you think). Half way walking to the workshop, I get a call, it’s one of the producers saying I need to go back and redo my walking shot because… my trousers fly was undone. How embarrassing can it get?! Well it can get worse. I flagged down one of the sound guys’ in a van and asked him to give me a lift back. I get back to where we were filming in the woods only to be told the shots they have are ok, because they can’t see anything anyway… wounded!

I enjoyed every minute of my experience. Amazing people, great atmosphere and I’ve made a lot of life long friends. I hope everyone can laugh at the mistakes I make on screen.

Britain's Best Woodworker

Unfortunately, Joe would not tell us whether he wins the title of Britain’s Best Woodworker.

But, regardless of the outcome, everyone from On A Budget is behind Joe and we are all routing for you (let’s just hope there aren’t any mirror projects in the series)!

Good luck Joe.

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