Since hitting our diy group again, decorated mannequins are in fashion once more.

The members are coming up with some ingenious ways to decorate them.

Decorated mannequins have been popular for a few years now. No longer just an alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

Linzi Marie

As all year decor, recent posts are showing imaginative creations.

Rachael McKeown said she couldn’t stop looking at hers. She was overjoyed with the lovely comments from group members.

Rachael used old coins and toy plastic coins, and the plastic mannequin cost £8.



Nick Adam Lawes chose a traditional style.

“I love old mannequins so I decided to give my modern shop display dummy an antique makeover!
I used some old table legs, a remnant of fabric, teabags, paint, and pva wood glue,
My plastic foam dummy now fits in a little better with her surroundings.”

Joanne Hawley posted her project, and it is wowing the group members. This mannequin was definitely a labour of love!

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