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This breathtaking DIY Tiled Mirror Wall was posted to the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group and has received a phenomenal response.

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This breathtaking DIY Tiled Mirror Wall was posted to the DIY On A Budget Official Facebook group and has received a phenomenal response.

Daniel has been inundated with questions and even requests for him to decorate in other people’s homes.

Daniel Toker wasn’t expecting such a huge response when posting his design to the group. Since then, he has gained a ton of fans all amazed at his work.

Have you seen the video yet? If not, you’re missing out! You can see the video of the wall being made at the bottom of this article. Firstly, let us run you through how the amazing wall was made in a little more detail….

To see where it all began, You can see Daniel’s Toker’s original post from the group here Mirror wall post.

Read on for a breakdown of further instructions….

In response to some of the questions, Daniel has explained how the wall was created in some easy to follow steps:

Question 1: How do you cut the mirror tiles?

I used an oil cutter £15 from amazon, it doesn’t look like much but it is really good. Mark up where you want to cut with a ruler or level A to B and scribe a line. Turn the oil cutter around and tap the scribed line gently, this helps separate the glass and makes it weaker and easier to snap. Place the tile over a a straight edge, something like your bench and push down and it should snap along the scribe line.
Watch YouTube videos if you’re unsure.

Question 2: What adhesive did you use?

(EG310) Any sort of no more nails should do the trick, I used a caulking gun.
With the tile I put adhesive all around the edges and a few dollops in the centre.

Question 3: How to do the tiled wall?

First thing you do is find centre of the wall – This is how you do it:

  1. Measure the entire width of the wall, using a tape measure, next divide the measurement into two to determine its centre. Lightly mark the wall with a pencil at this measurement.
  2. Place a level on the pencil mark and plumb vertically.
  3. Using the level as a guide, lightly mark the wall with a pencil.
  4. Measure the wall from the floor to ceiling and divide by two to determine its centre. Lightly mark the wall with the pencil at this measurement.
  5. Place the level on the mark and position it perfectly level (horizontal).
  6. Using the level as a guide, lightly mark the wall with a pencil. The point where the vertical and horizontal lines crosses ( + ) is the centre of the wall. This is where you want to place your first tile. Put your adhesive on then push the tile onto the wall where you want it. Make sure you pin it with a few small nails to stop the tile from slipping with the adhesive being wet.

Work the rest of the wall off that centre tile. It is important that you start in the centre so that you have equal size cuts all around the edges. If you start from the bottom and make your way up you could end up with a full tile at the bottom and half a tile at the top. In my opinion that would look stupid as the mirror wall wouldn’t be symmetrical. Furthermore, no gaps will need filling, just butt them up together.

Question 4: How much were the tiles and where are they from?

The tiles were £4.50 each so it cost me around £600 for the full wall, including the adhesive and oil cutter. Sadly the company I bought them from no longer sell them. I Got quoted by a professional tiler Facebook to create the wall, the cheapest quote I got was £1350. I decided to do it myself and saved £650 which I’m over the moon with!

Question 5: What size tiles?

250×250 with 12m bevelled edge is what I went with.I did buy 250×250 7m bevelled edge but they didn’t look as good and in my opinion looked cheap, so I went with the bigger 12m bevelled edge. THE BIGGER THE BEVELLED EDGE, THE BETTER!Seen a lot of comments saying get the mirrors from IKEA! Please don’t, unlike these tiles, they don’t have the bevelled edge and that’s what makes the mirrors look so amazing. Every time i see a picture of the IKEA ones I just think they look cheap, no offence to anyone that has them just my opinion as they look a lot flatter and don’t give any where near the same effect.

We love Daniel’s feature wall and we would like to know when he is free to come and put one up for us too!

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