How to apply self adhesive vinyl.

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Applying self adhesive vinyl to surfaces like your windows, kitchen units and old furniture is a cheap and cheerful way of updating your home. But it’s also quite daunting, we are asked about this many times a day in our group DIY On A Budget Official. So we have put together our top tips, To make applying the self adhesive vinyl easier for you.

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1, Buy a self adhesive application kit. These normally contain a knife for cutting and a smoother for application.

2, Have the right tools at hand. As well as your application kit, you will need, a pen, for marking, a tape measure. Scissors and even a hair dryer.

3, Take the job in smaller sections if you can. Removing doors and handles before you start will make your job easier.

4, Clean all surfaces that will be covered. You will need to clean everything you plan to cover first with a degreaser.

5, Measure the area. Measure the area you want to cover. Allow 2 inches extra if you need to wrap around anything, A kitchen door or a drawer for example. Most self adhesive vinyls have a handy grid on the back, To make measuring and cutting easier. Be sure to take full advantage of this.

6, Applying the vinyl. When applying vinyl start by taking just 10cm of the backing paper off, Apply that part first and smooth out. Then work your way down.

7, Dealing with bubbles. You may get air bubbles under your vinyl, but don’t panic. You can relift it and start again, or you can use your vinyl smoother to push the air bubble to the edge. If you get a stubborn bubble, you can use a pin to release the air.

8, Corners. Cutting the corners in a diagonal line will allow you to wrap the vinyl around the edge neatly. Fold one flap around first, then the other, you can use your craft knife to cut off any excess.

9, Curved edges. A hairdryer will soften the vinyl making it easier to go around curved edges.

10, Spray bottle. If you need to slide the vinyl spraying the surface with water will help you do this easily.

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Here is just a few examples of home updates using self adhesive vinyl.

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