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Meet Sadie Ruth, a member of DIY On A Budget Official who has transformed her plain new build home, into a bright warm hug. Sadie lives as a family of four with her partner Kit and two daughters, Gracie and Margot. Since having her daughters she has found a 'love of colour and does not take life too seriously'.

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Sadie lives in a new build home and has been a member of the DIY On A Budget Official group since October 2021. In less than one month she has hiked up over 4.8k likes on her post along with a mass of supportive comments.


Due to her valuable content to members, Sadie has gained herself three badges in the group as a rising star, a visual storyteller and conversation starter.


We contacted Sadie to find out a little more about the inspiration for her designs.

New build home with a colourful lounge
Where do you get inspiration for your interior design ?

I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. There are some beautiful bold homes on there. And the more I surrounded myself with these bold homes the more confident I feel in making those choices for my home.

Which is your favourite part of your home and why?

My favourite parts are forever changing as I complete new rooms within the house. At the moment it’s the strawberry hallway. It’s such a quirky space that I’ve never seen before. It’s the first thing people see when they come into my home and I really feel it reflects us as a family.

How did you learn your DIY skills? Is there anything you enjoy the most and what do you struggle with?

Me and my partner are pretty good at DIY. My Dad is a builder, so I never shied away from learning those skills growing up.

I think I enjoy spray painting things the most, especially when it comes to upcycling a product. Seeing it go from something tired and unloved to something beautiful.

In terms of struggling I think it was wallpapering. I remember when I first tried, there was a lot of swearing coming from my mouth as I made mistakes. But practice makes perfect and I’ve improved so much with it. 

Do you have any advice for others looking to recreate your style in their own homes?

When it comes to recreating my styles, always make a mood board. I do, and I find it really helps me see my vision before I start work on it.

Definitely follow lots of beautiful accounts on Instagram, you might pick up tips, shops to visit, or techniques to try.

What DIY plans do you have coming up next? Anything we can look out for?

Our next DIY plans are to finish our bedroom. We have this beautiful scalloped shelf that we found second hand, it is going to look beautiful when done. Keep your eyes peeled as I think it’s going to be such a stand out piece.


You can find more from Sadie on her Instagram raisingsmallreaders

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