The IKEA Mirror Hack

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First seen on our diy group early 2018, the IKEA mirror hack has become one of the most popular projects among our members! Since then numerous social media influencers have jumped on the bandwagon, and it's been a consistent budget home decor favourite. Here we show you some of the creations that have appeared on our network

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The original IKEA mirror hack was created by using the LÖNSÅS mirrors with the YLLEVAD frames. A perfect match in two different sizes, and very affordable

(The Yllevad frames are also available in the larger size)

The mirrors are inserted into the frames and attached to the wall, using the sticky pads supplied with the mirrors on the corners of the frames or command strips

Siobhan McClenaghan used the black frames for her masterpiece, while Jodie Armstrong opted for the white

Other group members, like Jemma Barrows, decided that attaching the frames to an mdf panel was the way to go

Due to the COVID lockdown in 2020, ways to make alternative versions of the IKEA mirror hack were investigated

Able once again to visit IKEA stores to purchase materials, the group members became more inventive. For the image at the top of this story,  Paul Bullock added beading to his mirrors instead of the frames

And, deciding the IKEA mirror hack could be even more budget-friendly, some did away with the frames altogether. Sara Yarwood’s is a perfect example

This also means you’re not limited to black, white, or the size and shape of the mirrors

With gold paint and packs of the larger LOTS 30x30cm IKEA mirror, Lesley Richards was able to complement her other furnishings

Needless to say, one of our creators had to give this idea a try too. You can find the video on our YouTube channel, and more great ideas on our group DIY On A Budget Official

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