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Meet Pixie, A member of DIY On A Budget Official who is renowned in the group for her amazing Maximalist look throughout her house.

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Pixie lives in Wigan with her two Son’s Jordan and Jack and her French Bulldog Ziggy. To her own admission, Pixie is not a minimalist. She loves the maximalist look and is fine with her style not being everyone’s cup of tea. Pixie loves nothing more than creating a home that you will not be bored in.

Pixie’s style

Pixie is a true creative when it comes to the maximalist look, her inspiration for design comes from within herself. Speaking to On A Budget Pixie said “My inspiration is probably mostly myself I get an idea in my head I and have to start it, I will use Pinterest for inspiration”.

Her favourite parts of the house are the living room, “I love my gallery wall in my living room and dark walls as it makes it so cozy in the evenings”. Pixie is particularly proud of her bathroom as she had to learn how to tile herself making it an amazing accomplishment.

Pixie’s skills

The DIY skills Pixie has were taught from her Father. She particularly enjoys painting and up-cycling furniture. Although capable of wallpapering, this is Pixie’s least enjoyable DIY task.

The self tiled maximalist look bathroom
Pixie’s advice

Pixie’s advice to fellow DIY’ers looking to recreate the maximalist look is, ‘Just go with your heart. If you like it that’s all that matters, be yourself and be unique. Never be afraid to use colour, you can always change it should you not like it.

Pixie likes to shop at small independent businesses via sites such as Instagram as this helps to find lots of unique pieces. Her second recommendation for shopping for homeware items is to scour charity shops.


The maximalist look living room
What’s next?

Speaking exclusively with On A Budget, Pixie has confirmed that her next DIY plans are to paint her living room in green and black and brick slipping a wall. Make sure you join DIY On A Budget Official to see the progress. You can join the group here DIY On A Budget Official

To see more of Pixie and her home, you can check out her Instagram here eclectichunkydoryhome


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